Our Journey to China and beyond…


The following is our timeline. In most cases, it takes “about a year” to adopt a child from China. Shortly after beginning this process, the waiting period for adoption has increased. If the process continues at the pace it has for the past six months, we are looking to be matched sometime in the spring of 2007.

One of the factors that slowed us down a little it that since I was born overseas, I had to apply for a DS-1350 (Certificate of Birth) from the Department of State in Washington, D.C. Normal turn around time is 8 weeks, so apply early!!!

One thing we want to point out is how quickly our Homestudy was completed. Our social worker was fantastic and quickly provided us with everything needed to complete our Homestudy.

Aug 24 2005 Mailed CCAI Application
Aug 31 2005 Received CCAI Application approval
Sept 10 2005 Mailed I-600A Application
Sept 12 2005 Our initial Home Study interview
Sept 16 2005 Mailed request Certificate for Birth (form DS-1350)
Sept 19 2005 Our individual Home Study interviews
Oct 3 2005 In-home visit for our Home Study
Oct 19 2005 Final Home Study interview
Nov 3 2005 Receieved Birth Certificate
Nov 5 2005 Received I-171H from USCIS
Dec 13 2005 DTC (Dossier to China)
Dec 22 2005 LID (Log in Date)
Sep 02 2006 CCAA Review Room
Feb 06 2008 Match Day !!!
Feb 07 2008 Fed Ex Package Arrival and Sophia’s first birthday
Feb 25 2008 Travel Approval
Mar 17 2008 Gotcha Day
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